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Acid silica sol


Silica sol is a colloidal solution, odorless and non-toxic, and it can be expressed as formula mSiO2 • nH2O.

1, Owing to colloidal particles is very fine, and has a large surface area, the particle itself is colorless and transparent, it will not affect the color cover.

2, Being low viscosity and water infiltration to every place, the dispersion and permeability are very good when mixed with other substances.

3, When the silica sol evaporates, the colloidal particles adhere firmly to the surface of the object, and form a siloxane bond between particles, so it is a good adhesive.

Technical data:


1, It is used as a variety of refractory binders, and has such characteristics as strong bonding and resistance of high temperature (1500-1600°C) and so on.

2, It has such functions as strengthening the coating, good adhesion properties, anti-dust & fouling, anti-aging, anti-fire when it is used in the coatings industry.

3,When it is used in thin shell precision casting, the shell mould can have high strength and high casting smoothness. The quality of its moulding is better than that of sodium silicate moulding. It can be used to replace ethyl silicate moulding and thus reduce the cost and improve operation conditions.

4, Silica sol has a higher specific surface area, and can be used in catalyst manufacturing and catalyst carrier.

5, Used in papermaking industry, it can be used as an anti-sticking agent for cellophane, pretreatment agent for photographic paper and antilubricant for cement bags, etc.

6, It can be used as sizing agents in the textile industry together with the oil agent in dealing with the wool and rabbit hair, to improve the spin ability of wool and rabbit hair, reduce breakage, prevent flying, and improve yield to increase economic benefit.

7, It can be used as silicon steel sheet agent, treatment agent, dispersing agent of CRT, anti-slide agent of floor wax and other products.

Duration: Alkaline for one year, acidic for six months.

Packaging: 25kg plastic drum , 250kg plastic drums or 1000LIBC.

Storage conditions: Maintain 0-40°C to prevent frost or exposure In the storage and transportation.

Notes: Silica sol of special performance specifications can be trial manufactured or produced according to user needs.

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