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How to judge the quality of silica gel desiccant?

How to judge the quality of silica gel desiccant? The following is the method provided by Dingxing desiccant:

1. You need to know what its moisture absorption is. The moisture absorption rate of silica gel is about 25% - 35%.

2. Weigh a bag of normal desiccant to see how much it weighs;

3. Put it in a damp space, let it absorb water vapor, and take it out after reaching the specified time;

4. Weigh the desiccant after moisture absorption to obtain the weight, and then subtract the weight without moisture absorption;

5. This is the moisture absorption rate of this desiccant. See if it has reached the level advertised by the manufacturer.

6. If it's similar, it proves that the desiccant is OK. If it's very different, there's a problem.

In addition, in terms of appearance, the shape of silica gel desiccant with good quality is transparent, crystal clear, round and smooth. It will make a strong thunderbolt sound when put into water.