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How does Silica gel Desiccant look

Silica gel desiccant is a kind of desiccant, but many people just don't know what it looks like. Today, Dingxing desiccant Xiaobian will tell you what silica gel desiccant looks like. Silica gel desiccant is a kind of desiccant with physical moisture absorption. It is characterized by safety, environmental protection and non toxicity. It can be in direct contact with food. Even if it is eaten by children, it will not cause harm to them, and can be discharged through feces.

The appearance of silica gel desiccant is easy to distinguish. It is a transparent round bead particle with a diameter of about 2mm. It is crystal clear. It is like some small candy, which is easy for children to eat by mistake. Therefore, when parents and friends give snacks to children, they should pay attention to whether there are desiccant products in it. Take out the desiccant first, and then give the snacks to children. Avoid it getting stuck in the throat.

In addition to silica gel desiccant, there are some common desiccants, which I also list here for you to understand: quicklime desiccant (white powder), mineral desiccant (gray ball particles), montmorillonite desiccant (gray gravel), calcium chloride desiccant (white powder or white ball).