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From an economic perspective, we know that there are many global GDPs that are related to catalysts. This is part of a very important technology that can also contribute to the development of the global economy.

In the 1990s, I began to focus on research on catalysts, hoping to make up for different roles and cross-border cooperation. But as scientists and chemists, we hope to start with the discovery and application of catalysts around the world, to better understand its architecture and expand its application through different chemical preparation processes.

In our research, we also hope to establish some start-ups and really commercialize some research. Therefore, in the United States, we attach great importance to the research of industry, academia and research. When designing, we hope to put some basic research into the possibility of turning it into a commercial product.

We hope to transform research into commercial products through the establishment of the Grubbs Institute. Our research institute consists of two parts, one is small molecule catalysis. In the small molecule catalysis, using modern tools, through robots and computers, it is very important to do something faster and more efficiently, and reduce human participation. a part of. In addition, the analysis of macromolecular materials, including the composition analysis of polymers, including polyethylene, and how to build some new types of rubber and so on. Whether it is small molecule catalysis or the study of macromolecular materials, we can make full use of the original advantages and let people enjoy some benefits.